Rumbelle Ghost Stories

As it’s that spooky time of year, I want to recommend two FABULOUS Fics I have read recently.  As in, could not stop reading and was “dying” for the next chapter (bwa hahahaha.)  Both have the theme of live Belle and Ghost Rumple and both are beautiful and romantic.  First is the amazing re-interpretation of “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”, which if you have not seen it is a GREAT movie.   The story is “The Ghost and Mrs. Mills” and oh my gosh the writing is so good - by cynicsquest.   It is a brilliant re-telling of that story.

The second story is called “Ghost Story” by extree.

This is an original, fun, romantic and at times heartbreaking story of a young author who falls for the ghost living her building. They build an amazing relationship and explore all kinds of interesting issues.  It is a story of true love and having faith in your relationship no matter what the obstacles may be.  It’s also really funny in parts.  I just read the epilogue and it wraps up the story in the best possible way.  

Both of these stories capture the essence of the Belle and Rumple characters and make them work in such a unique setting!!  Perfect October reading.